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Cincinnati Police set up mobile field office in OTR

OVER-THE-RHINE, Ohio (WKRC) - Cincinnati Police are putting up what they call a mobile field office in some of the crime hot spots in the city.

On Thursday, they set up at Green and Republic streets in Over-the-Rhine.

While shootings are down in Over-the-Rhine, Capt. Lisa Davis said residents are still concerned. "I'm getting calls, I just bought a gun, I don't feel safe. That's heartbreaking to me to think that people who live here have to take that extreme step to feel safe in their own community."

Capt. Davis said a lot of the troublemakers don't live in that neighborhood. They come to drink and buy drugs among other things. Police want to give them the message that this is a neighborhood, people live here and they can't act that way.

Warnings have already been distributed, letting people know about open container, loitering, and loud music laws. Now, police are going to ticket those people.

The effort isn't all about enforcement. They also want to offer help. They'll provide information about housing, applying for food stamps and other help they might need.

"If you can take away one thing that allows them to do this, and maybe puts them in a better position to make different choices, that's what we're here to do, is more harm reduction than anything else," explained Capt. Davis.

Police are also getting out of their cars at times and walking their beats.

The Cincinnati Recreation Commission will add lighting to the area.


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