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Activity on the NEW MADRID – Weather setting THOUSANDS of NEW records as temps go WILD!

October 1, 2019: ~ Sky Phenomena | Weather Extremes ~ | New Madrid



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  1. They want to make it sound like this warming is the result of human influence, but scientific investigations into the distant past show warming and cooling trends!

  2. Why does this man always act like he has never seen anything like that ,needs to get out more ,our skies have been strange for long long time ,he needs to stop this pretence ,

  3. We had 7 straight days 95°to 99° Here in Louisville. And it hasn't rained in 35 days or something. Impressive heat and we need some rain but how else are records set? I love when they say recorded history and that's 80 to 150 years. No I don't buy into human induced climate change.

  4. There will be the gnashing of teeth from the sun and it’s heat, blaming it on man, but the real culprits, are the Doing of the Merchants of the Earth , and that’s the way it has always been, and it’s coming To The End Of Time !!! God Bless and be safe and that’s all I have to say???

  5. Who are you ? Why are you covering up ? Are you afraid to tell the truth??? I have pics of what's happing. Money more important than the truth. I will not watch you videos anymore . Good fucking bye….

  6. Some say earthquake
    Could send California
    In the ocean.
    This one here could shake Mississippi. to
    the east coast.Its a nightmare to me.
    As a dream was at my mothers looking out the window every thing was shaking
    as I look A hill side slide down Gravey yard and all. There a earth built dam. Where I live small around hundred miles of shore line.
    It break. It be like chain of dams going out. Tennessee
    All told, there are more than 1,200 dams in Tennessee, including 273 rated as "high hazard" because their failure likely would lead to the loss of life.Feb 15, 2017
    So no Where my home is away from the river But no clue
    Where I could be if it happen of Day time

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