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Video shows car fly off a ramp downtown

Dramatic video from Monday morning shows the moment a car flew off a ramp downtown, landed on its roof and caught fire.

There's still a scar on the ground where the car landed and then caught fire. Remarkably, Cincinnati police said, the driver had only minor injuries.

Around 2:38 a.m. Monday morning, a car takes the turn off I-471 toward US-50 but keeps going up and over. A flash can be seen in the video as the car hits a light pole before it careens down onto Monastery Street below.

About five minutes later, the car catches fire as people appear to arrive at the scene.

Our cameras caught the smoking remains of the car and the crews responding to help.

Michael Benedic

Car flies off 471 - still image

A similar incident occurred in 2019, when a semi truck flipped over this ramp. That led to a heroic rescue effort to get to the two people inside. Something similar also happened at that spot in 2006.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is reminding people that lots of cars use the ramp each day without incident. Cincinnati police are still looking into what caused the driver to go over the ramp Monday morning.

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