Rachel Roberts runs against Jerry Gearding

Democratic Incumbent Rachel Roberts is running against Republican Jerry Gearding for State House District 67.

The Enquirer interviewed state House candidates in contested elections to find out why they're running and what issues are top of mind for them. This is one in a series.

District 67 is a rare purple district in a sea of Northern Kentucky red. It's 48.9% Democratic and 48.6% Republican, according to analysis of past voting patterns by Dave's Redistricting. The district includes Northern Campbell County cities Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, and Cold Spring.

Incumbent Rachel Roberts is being challenged by Republican Jerry Gearding.

The deadline to apply online for an absentee ballot is Oct. 25, no later than 11:59 p.m. The general election is Nov. 8. 

Some quotes have been lightly edited for clarity or length.

Rachel Roberts, 49, of Newport

Representative Rachel Roberts is running for reelection in Kentucky State House District 67.

Occupation: Owner of The Yoga Bar

Education: Fort Lewis College in Colorado

Tell me about yourself:

"I live in Newport and my small business is in Newport as well. My husband and I have a small marketing strategy firm together, as well. But I spend a lot of my time as the state representative for this district."

Why are you running?

"I think like a lot of women I was really motivated by the 2016 election. ... My family and I are blessed to have the means where we are not reliant on my income. I had the time, the talent and the tenacity to run for the seat. And if those of us who have the capacity to do more for our communities don't step up, then we don't have a right to complain about where things are. We have this, I think, duty truly to give as much as we can."

What are a few important issues to you?

"Affordable housing is a massive issue in this area and I've spent a lot of my summer working with stakeholders trying to start tackling this problem at the state level. So, making sure families can stay here and thrive here because they can afford to live here, because there are ample jobs here, and because the school system will support them. ... I also am a champion for all things mental health and expanded access to mental health care. And specifically, I am a woman and I care deeply about women's rights and women's place in our society."

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