New Cyberpunk 2077 NEWS Revealed & New WITCHER Game to Start Production After Cyberpunk

Today we take a look at the latest Cyberpunk 2077 news that was revealed and that the works on a new Witcher game will start after Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.



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  1. I really hope the next Witcher game takes an almost Cyberpunk type approach to your character. As much as being Vesimir or Ciri would be i personally think it would be funner to be thrown into a time early on in the creation of the witcher schools, given a name, allowed to cosmetically create your own character, and then be thrown out into the world.

  2. Hmmm, "we're done with Witcher"….
    TV series releases a throng of new fans, which is great…..
    more reprints of the books, awesome…..Oh BTW, we're making a new Witcher game after Cyperbunk…..Now who's chasing the gravy train, and I thought they were in it for the gamers….next EA in the making it likes smells :(

  3. I hope CDPR decides to make something that will DIRECTLY compete with Bethesdas elder scrolls series. Imagine a DnD like game (like the elder scrolls) but set in the witchery world where you can make your own character and join factions etc…

    If not CDPR, who else can we place our faith in when/if Bethesda fails us…

    That's why I hope the next witcher is not about gerald ciri and yen any longer.. sure they can be side characters tho

  4. Personally, I'm torn between either a prequel following good ol' Vesemir after the near-extinction of the School of the Wolf, or a sequel focused on Ciri which prominently feature her teleportation-between-worlds abilities as she encounters an enemy with similar powers.. or maybe they could do something like what Dishonored: Death of the Outsider did: Take the god-like character of the universe (Gaunter O'Dimm), and have him be the main antagonist that the protagonist has to take down in some way, shape, or form.
    Would Ciri be capable of actually killing the Man of Glass? I doubt it. But they could have her take out his "associates" – the ones he acquired the Dog, Cat, and Caretaker from.. not to mention all the trinkets you get for allowing G.O.D to take Olgierd's soul (if you did this then you're the one with the heart of stone) – or maybe find some way to limit his powers.. Maybe the game could end on having to choose between:
    1. Take away an important piece of Master Mirror's power, essentially making him unable to pull off as many sick "pranks" on unfortunate souls as he wishes
    2. Banish him from the Continent forever, leaving the other universes – those that co-exist with that of The Witcher – to be even more vulnerable to what is now pretty much a furious god.

  5. cyberpunk looks cool…but i dont play first person shooters…im not that great of a gamer…3rd person is just better to me. I will buy cyberpunk if they have third person as an addon…i never liked just having a gun or hands on the screen…i can see it being a gameplay option for someone who prefers it…i just dont know why anyone would prefer it…its like the dinosaur of gaming…. useless customization you cant see…no action sequences except cutscenes…cyberpunk shouldve been third person…its just lazy game development in my opinion…the customers said they wanted it in third person..and cyberpunk developers said no?…we have to stop accepting whatever someone gives us…and hurt them where it counts…in sales…just like we did with loot boxes…sorry cyberpunk…i will be waiting on watchdogs legion and ghost of tsushima…and thats a shame…i will probably miss out on a cool game for a stupid reason that couldve easily been fixed.

  6. i'm much more interested in cyberpunk than a new witcher, more cyberpunk would be better, there are many fantasy games but not much cyberpunk rpgs

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