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Over The Rhine Cincinnati Ohio

Welcome to OTR: Over The Rhine located north of downtown Cincinnati is the food nightlife and young hip living style of the Cincinnati Ohio area, OTR offers tons of well known restaurants, bars, shops and night life and more tribute in video is Taste Of Belgium and Toko Baru shop for more info visit for more information.


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  1. Well……..this was the vision for OTR before the riots. And let's not be mistaken to think all this "new vision", is an orignal thought the entire downtown region from deep west side dalton to Linn st. to Finlay mrkt. There was an "intentional", divestment in efforts to not improve the conditions and quality of life issues.

    As to recondition the perception of OTR as a dangerous and sinister place especially for potential white consumers. Which made it easy to dismantle and relocate all social services and amenities and undesirables and just plain ugly folk that littered the sidewalks with their grimy needy lives. You are left with an OTR that has been sanitized for your protection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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