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Cincinnati Chili Challenge – Food Tripping With Molly Season 3, Episode 4

Cincinnati has a unique style of chili all its own. The locals can't get enough of the stuff, but Zagat editor Molly Moker? That might be another story. Watch what happens when she's confronted with an 8-pound serving while visiting the Buckeye State. For more episodes of Food Tripping With Molly, subscribe to Zagat:

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  1. What….no Gold Star Chili…..
    Used to get ham and roast beef double decker sandwiches at the original Blue Ash Chili in Blue Ash, 40 plus years ago.

  2. the spaghetti thing is pretty not good tbh, top on some dogs or tots or fries and it'll probably be really good

  3. go to springfield IL DEW Chilli yes with 2 ll in chilli thata where it started at and try the chilli there also try steak-n-shake hdq in INDY or Bloomington IL any way they have chilli 5 ways yum yum yum

  4. Well, Molly said "slop" and I'll give her that – she's got a lot of Molly going on – but she explained how that's not meant in a derogatory way. I might have said simple. and I think she got there, too. To me, it isn't chili but rather it is spaghetti with meat sauce and cheese – for a 3 way. If I was visiting Cincinnati, I would have some.

  5. I got out of the Navy in 1962 and got a job in Cincinnati. I worked and lived in Cincinnati for over a year. What is hard for me to understand is that in that year I never heard of Cincinnati chili. I was active in my church and no one ever talked about Cincinnati chili. I only heard about Cincinnati chili while reading the food section of the Indianapolis Star reviewing a Skyline chili restaurant. Being a chili head of sorts my wife and I decided to drive up there and try it. Of course, I was expecting chili like I was used to. So we went to Skyline chili and tried it. We thought their chili was awful and we never went back. I couldn't understand how this awful stuff got such good reviews. Years later, I was working in Dayton, Ohio and decided to try the Ohio version of Skyline chile. It impresses me as a fast food chili joint, a McDonald's of Chili. But the results were the same. I still thought it was bad. I worked with a guy for several years who transferred in from Cincinnati. We still meet occasionally for lunch. I asked him if he liked Cincinnati chili. He said yes. I related my experiences at Skyline chili and he agreed with me that Skyline chili was not good Cincinnati chili. But the Indy Skyline is still in business so some body does like it.
    There is a greasy spoon, neighborhood chili parlor on the west side of Indianapolis called Nick's Chili Parlor that I consider superior to the Skyline stuff. I grew up eating my mothers chili and she almost always put her chili on top of spaghetti, so that is nothing unusual to me. That is also the way I often fix my chili. Some people think that is unique to Cincinnati. My mom learned to cook from her deaf grandmother who came from Virginia.
    However, to be fair, I am looking for authentic Cincinnati chili recipes that a home cook can cook and not condemn Cincinnati chili because of my bad experience at a restaurant.

  6. I tried Cincinnati chili once. It truly is as awful as it looks. Don’t bother getting this if you visit there.
    As for the 8 pound version, that is just stupid. Major loss of respect for Molly for even attempting that.

  7. Molly was never shown the fork lift technique for eating Cincinnati style chili! She should have also tried a little hot sauce too. Oh and some garlic bread.

  8. It's a smart business model because pasta, french fries, beans, onions and cheddar cheese are some of the lowest cost ingredients and most of the dish is spaghetti.

  9. Made me think of you can make sloppy joe sauce etc over tater tots or spaghetti or whatever too. the Cincinnati chili really does not look appetizing but you know what I do is I cook it well enough to where all the sauce and cheese and everything melds in together really nicely course spaghetti being what spaghetti is and again I'm just saying. Now don't get me wrong it may taste quite delightful again spaghetti is what spaghetti is you know what I mean. I always have better luck with any kind of spaghetti dish if it's been refrigerated for one or more nights especially. Never have been big on spaghetti. I like to add corn to it too!! Gives it a little something there

  10. My family hails from places like indiana, Cherokee, Bowling Green, marquette, Lawrence, I seem to recall some stories

  11. Kudos to all the immigrants from the Macedonia region of Greece who invented Cincinnati chili. One thing for sure is that they all have a crazy work ethic and are survivors.

  12. I thought this was going to be Molly the mouth, the competetive eater, i could eat 3 times what this Molly ate, maybe more

  13. Honey, if it's a plate of slop, you did something wrong. Maybe let your plate sit too long before digging in.

  14. "Plate of slop" . . . "Interesting"… "I feel horrendous " . . . not for me"
    Gotta get me some!

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