BIG Star Wars Game News! – Star Wars Battlefront 2, New Jedi Fallen Order Update and More!

In this video we discuss some News regarding Star Wars Games, including Star Wars Battlefront 2, Jedi Fallen Order, Lego Star Wars and more!

Do you think we will see a Battlefront 3 or other multiplayer Star Wars game? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. What I don’t understand is Ashoka saved Rex from being killed but she supposed to have saved at least 2 other clones according to Star Wars rebels when Ezra and kanan went to save Rex and saw two other clones and they told them that Ashoka had removed there chips so idk why they didn’t show that

  2. Idk why people like fallen order. I genuinely don’t like it and I love Star Wars smh.

  3. I want a game where it’s an online roleplay where you can fly ships create characters get a personal droid etc.

  4. the fact that dice is looking at adjusting the maul skin challenge makes me feel so much better because 5k kills is ridiculous I would say adjust his kills down to 200 or maybe 500 that’s completely fair and make this achievable Off-line and online or have him available for purchase for 60,000 credits

  5. Why don't you like LEGO Star Wars? Maybe it's cause I played those games a lot as a kid, but I've always loved them.

  6. I think new game + with only cosmetics is underwhelming and lazy for a AAA title. It’s not much of a feature to replay the game with your ponchos. Why can’t we use the force powers?

  7. Funny but true story. I just recently completed Fallen Order and somehow the achievement did not register. A couple days later (May 3rd midnight) I get an update not only readdressing the fact I finished the game, but all new content (challenges, skins, new game +) opened. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. :)

  8. There are over 16000 Battlefront 2 fans on this Petition and you not even say something about it even if you are making battlefront 2 news that is strange man

  9. Was just about to put the disc in for fallen order but it has a bronze tint on the side and just doesn’t work so that’s shit

  10. I really hope the space missions in skywalker saga are like in tcs / tfa and not like in clone wars

  11. I was hoping this was about an open world game. It would be awesome if someone made a star wars game similar to Conan. A mixture of star trek online, Conan, and SWbattfront2 saber duals n game play. Tons of planets to explore where you have to build a ship you can upgrade to get off your home planet. You can be a Jedi or sith making a clan of ten. You can eventually build an army of CPUs or live like a hermit an a abandon planet…Secret base or flashy base or even both. In Space battle you can lobby up or attack some1 minding their own business in open world. Youd have to be careful cuz some ships would be upgraded or running with clan. You could have a fast ship, heavy or even a fleet with enough grind. Duals would be the same lobby up or attack some1 at a random market in a random planet. Sabers and weapons wld have to be upgraded with rare finds and Special DLCs , you could also custom make gear n clothes. In lobby duals , ranked similar to SWBF there would be special stipulations where you could put a hand, arm , leg or ear up in the battle where if you lost you'd lose your arm. You could go on with one arm or have enough credits to by a bionic arm or what have you. You could also bet scares or an eye. You can become a jedi and switch to the dark side after learning traits but once you reached grand master you'd be locked in without being able to switch back. You'd slowy start turning with your skin and eyes changing. With the sith you can always switch back and see the light but would lose all sith gear n crafts. The game play would have to be like battle front to work. ..them duals are fun and crazy. Bunch of other stuff but it would take to long to write down….I wish

  12. I hope one day we get more games from the Old Republic era. The original ones and the MMO is good but I kinda want something for current gen consoles.

  13. Battlefront was literally getting better and better, the fact that they have decided to stop updating the game was a very very very bad choice

  14. I like how the classic battlefront 2 has lived so much longer than the new one and still has its servers up for 15 years

  15. The way get first hero on the boarding phase is to die (you won't see the cutseene) and then you will already be in the lobby just wit for the cutseene to pass

  16. TheOzzyJedi:I’m pretty sure that every human on earth loves Asoka now
    Everyone that loves the sith:?

  17. Devs:Hey we done with BattleFRONT 2 Sorry

    FANS:But it was just getting good….

    Devs:yeaaaaaah but….if we would have kept going you would have gotten ahsoka…


    Jokes aside .There has to be a BF3 Theres TOOOOOO MANY characters left out Ahsoka , Plo, ShaqTi, ahsoka, Mace, Vintress , Padme

    THIS HURTS AS A FAN OF STARWARS with recent events to be told the only good star wars thing in my life rn is shut down..

  18. But well there be TV show content and Legends content in the LEGO game?
    I want to play as Ahsoka, Ezra, Inquisitors, Starkiller, Revan, and more in LEGO.

  19. I hope In the future they have George Lucas proof reading these things…. in the end, this is his creation and he knows it best. I hope with the next release of Battlefront they add many things, including Galactic Conquest, a different array of heros and villains and maybe even a COMPLETE game on launch. Lego Star Wars should be dope though…. if they somehow mess it up idk how fans would react.

  20. As battlefront 2 is now over and you already haha made your final list to the heroes and the reeinforcments I would love to see a final ranking of the hero’s skins and I also think that now would be a great time to rank all the trooper skins !

  21. I couldn't fucking care less about Lego Star Wars. It was fun when I was a kid, but I want BF3 or at least a continued BF2.

  22. Can we please get an open world multiplayer game set either Pre Phantom Menace or Pre Rots, mainly based on Coruscant, where you can choose to be a Jedi, sith, or bounty hunter and buy weapons, level up your skills for your class(bounty hunter, sith, Jedi) by doing missions, and buy and fly vehicles like ships and speeders around Coruscant or the whole galaxy, already?

  23. Its funny seeing all these people who claim to hate the sjw agenda going on but praise Mando and Clone wars s7 that are sjw loaded! Hey lets make a character a lot of people like our primary focus. Fuck star wars lets use Ashoka for our sjw agenda and everybody will still love her… Im not easily manipulated like so many. Fuck mando and clone wars s7. Dont get me wrong s7 had some good episodes but wow it was ruined lol. Sooooo many sheep!

  24. Thank u for the news, excited to see what kind of Star Wars movie he's gonna bring to us. ??

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