WWE 2K22 Video Game New Details Released BREAKING NEWS!

WWE 2K22 Video Game New Details Released BREAKING NEWS!
#WWE2K #WWE #wwe2k22
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  1. I don't play games like this I ues to as it was on the old THQ games for the old nentedo we I don't have it anymoor so Its not what I am interested playing games gaming machines now I don't no why I bot the old one it's was just siting there so I gave it to a good will shop it was for a shop leam gift shop it's for people who have bran tumers that has cancer that can't be sorted a frend of mine stared the shop as her son died of it and she set this shop to get founds for a home for the last days of there life's so my game machine went there as well as other stuff that I did not need but I think games like that is OK I think it was great when my frends son played mine when he visited my home

  2. I only really like the NBA2K games & Madden the WWE ones just don't seem to live up to the hype and always leave out something that used to be in a previous version ala GM Mode

  3. I would love to go to a wrestling event one day with you dude and maybe have some beers and chicken after. Shoot the shit about wrestling games etc.

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