The BEST PS5 Games To Expect At The PS5 Reveal!

here are the best ps5 games from the playstation magazine that has the ps5 games leaked for the ps5 june 4th ps5 reveal! there are a ton (38 playstation 5 games leaked) new ps5 games that are confirmed ps5 games like dragon age 4 (dragon age 4 ps5),battlefield 6 ps5, assassins creed valhalla, elder scrolls six and more on this insane ps5 list
now the ps5 reveal for june 4th 2020 seems to give us a good look at the ps5 graphics, ps5 games maybe a ps release date and even a ps5 price!

but how long is the ps5 reveal event on june 4th? well according to the official playstation blog the ps5 reveal will be 1 hour long giving us a good look at the ps5 console design , ps5 games and ps5 gameplay.

its my hope that the ps5 reveal is much better than inside xbox when showing off thier third party games and does not have a lack of gamplay. but whats wierd is games like horizon zero dawn 2, god of war 2 and other ps5 exclusives are no on this ps5 game list. where could they be?

we talk about all this ps5 news on the latest epiosde of the robo tron show where we cover the latest video game news from sony Microsoft and nintendo! for more gaming news subscribe to robo rob gaming.

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the 38 ps5 games video -


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  1. so i spent 3 hours trying to render this….im drained lol ADOOOOBBEEEEE UGH (ಠ ͜ʖಠ) ? Sub ((?)) for more!

  2. Do you think they'll reveal GTA 6? I heard it'll be a PS5 exclusive, right?

    edit: on launch at least

  3. I got some predictions for some PS5 games,
    -Dragon Quest 3 Remake (there was a rumor that it was happening so maybe?)
    -Yo-Kai Watch 4 (hopefully in English lol)
    -Persona 3 Remake
    Actually I dunno what else to add, I have a feeling none of these are gonna happen but I can still hope lol

  4. I'm excited for the ps5 and Xbox series X can't wait to see the graphics of the ps5 hopefully Microsoft does a reveal sometime after the ps5 reveal hopefully soon like a week or 2 after the ps5 reveal.

  5. i been subbed since u were at 30 subs i just came back to ur channel nice to see u made it this far

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