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Things People in Cincinnati Say

What kind of crazy things do people in CIncinnati say? Keep watching to find out!

Want to hear more of the Cincinnati accent? Watch my "accent game" video here!


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  1. That’s pretty right on! I’m from Day..nnn but my mother and grandparents lived in cincy and one thing I noticed was instead of saying “huh” or “what” they would say “please? When they couldn’t hear or understand what you were saying.

  2. I'm from NEOhio it's like you're speaking a foreign language not really but the accent definitely has a southern drawl

  3. Ope, sneak on by, suh-mm, and dropped T’s are used literally everywhere in the U.S.

  4. I grew up in Warren County and remember everyone procouning the county seat Lebanon as LEB-nin. "There's sum-en goin on in Leb-nin this weeken."

  5. What about the use of the word Please? We recently moved here and were confused by this? It seems to mean "repeat" rather than "yes" which is it's meaning in the south.

  6. I don’t skip T sounds and hate the new way of dropping them off. Buh-In for button and the like. I’m 58 and I’m a lifetime Cincinnatian.

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