NEW Indie Game Releases: 23 – 29 Mar 2020 – Part 3 (Upcoming Indie Games) | Starport Delta & more!

Last video on the new indie games of the week, with a Stadia first title!

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Oneiros ►
Sin Slayers ►
Project Heartbeat ►
Make Your Kingdom: Prologue ►
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Starport Delta ►

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

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  1. become a tradition where i look forward to the videos everyday keep it up clemmy ,i been making a neat game where i put myself in the game as a enemy ,1st person boss rush style game , after a year of saying all my projects are trash finally at a point i can be proud of what i am making and it is all thanks to the inspiration i get watching these videos every week knowing other developers are putting in the time and effort to release something they are proud of

  2. That narrative puzzler has me intrigued. Always enjoy a game that exercises my brain without overly stressing it. Starport Delta is visually stunning!

  3. I don't like local Multiplayer since have no friends or people to handout with and am sick of card based games too when they don't need to be.

  4. Which game has the tiger thing ripping open a shark like the cover of the video? I didn't see it in any of the clips.

  5. Just picked up legend of keepers, one step from eden and bonfire. All thanks to the channel, cheers man.

  6. I feel sorry for "Lost Words" it look great but no one will get Stadia and this game may lost forever

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