Adamo Group demolished power plant stack, worker still missing

The Adamo Group, which is decommissioning the Killen Generating Station in Adams County, Ohio, says Jamie Fitzgerald is still missing following the Dec. 9 collapse at the plant.

Friends of missing contractor Jamie Fitzgerald are questioning why the Adamo Group is more focused on demolition work than finding him. 

Fitzgerald, 47, went missing after the roof of a decommissioned power plant in Adams County collapsed on Dec. 9. Rescue crews have been on-site for three weeks and his family members still want answers.  

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Facebook comments about Fitzgerald's safety underneath the debris emerged after the Adamo Group demolished the stack tower at the Killen Generating Station site Tuesday morning. Many are saying the company should have gotten Jamie out before resuming demolition. 

Steve Worthington, a union ironworker with more than 25 years of experience, said in a Facebook group that dropping the stack "only causes more of a mess when the manpower should of been focused on finding Jamie."

The Adamo Group demolished the stack tower at the Killen Generating Station site Tuesday morning, Dec. 29, citing safety hazard concerns.

Another Facebook user, Natalie Petty, said the situation is sad and she "can't imagine the thoughts of not even knowing if he is alive under all the debris." 

The Adamo Group says its main priorities are recovering Fitzgerald and protecting workers who are on-site from additional hazards. 

Thornton Tomasetti, an independent engineering firm, identified the 11-story stack as a potential hazard to crews working at the site, according to a statement released by the Adamo Group. The demolition contractor also stated OSHA gave them permission to resume work at the site. 

"The stack was felled with no issues or problems," according to a statement released Tuesday afternoon. "The stack was located in an area of the site that had no bearing on the efforts to recover Jamie Fitzgerald. That work is continuing seven days a week."

Killen Station, a coal-fired power plant, located in Adams County, Ohio.

Nickie Benjamin understands why the stack needed to come down and hopes they locate Fitzgerald soon. 

"That stack was a danger to the workers," Benjamin commented on a Facebook post. "It was unstable and as much ground movement as they had — it needed to come down. I'd hate to have a bunch more people hurt or trapped."

Adamo said all work crews, first responders, and local and state law enforcement agencies were notified of the demolition in advance.  

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