Coffee Break with Kathrine: A personal message

There’s no good way to say this. I have breast cancer. Again.

What can I say – I’ve always been an overachiever.

I’ve put off writing this for weeks now, trying to figure out some clever way to start it. I can’t. Because there’s nothing clever about this.

Just days after the ninth anniversary of my first breast cancer surgery, my annual mammogram popped up on my calendar.

I went to St. Elizabeth’s new Cancer Center, and even took a picture of the lobby because it’s so beautiful.

I thought, I’ll post this to remind people to schedule their mammograms. Lots of people put them off during COVID, you know.

But something told me not to.

Kathrine Nero at a mammogram appointment.

I even took this selfie in the super-flattering hospital gown before getting the mammogram. Again, something told me not to share it. I had a feeling something was amiss. And I was right.

After my 3D mammogram, I was waiting for the go-ahead to get out of there when I was called back in. Something looked suspicious. Actually, a couple of things looked suspicious. Again, I’m an overachiever.

We scheduled biopsies for late June. On July 1, we got the news.

My husband and I were ushered into a small room with a box of tissues on the table. That’s when we knew. 

Here we go again.

Since then, my car basically drives itself to the Cancer Center. Genetic testing, blood draws, plastic surgeons, breast surgeons, nurse navigators, bra fitters. I joked that if I had a “cancer appointment” punch card, I’d be getting a free visit by now. No one laughed.

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