Cincinnati hospitals boost security because of “violence, vile words’

A key leader in the Cincinnati region’s pandemic response pleaded Monday for kindness to health care workers enduring such “physical violence, vile words, and downright cruel behavior” that hospitals have intensified security at its doors.

“It makes me physically upset to type this, but it must be said,” began the social media posting from Christa Hyson, a longtime local public health official and spokeswoman for the Health Collaborative. The organization, as the medical industry’s conference board, has been organizing the region’s defense against the novel coronavirus and tracks daily bed counts in more than 40 hospitals in 14 counties.

Christa Hyson, spokeswoman for the Health Collaborative, pleaded for kindness Monday in a social media post describing stepped up security measures at hospitals to defend against "violence, vile words and downright cruel behavior." The collaborative has been organizing the Cincinnati region's response to the new coronavirus pandemic.

“We are currently going through one of the most stressful periods in modern history – and unfortunately human behavior is making it worse,” Hyson wrote on her LinkedIn page. “In March, April and May of 2020, my inbox and voicemail was flooded with offers for food, PPE (personal protective equipment) donations, and thank you cards for health care Workers. the public clapped, planes flew overhead, and people did their part and stayed home.

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