Benintendi trade to Cardinals might make sense, per reporters

Several reporters discussed potential destinations for former Madeira High School standout Andrew Benintendi as trade speculation involving the Boston Red Sox outfielder continues, and two of the reporters made strong cases for the St. Louis Cardinals as a suitor.

Andrew Benintendi's 2020 season was cut short by injury.

Here's what Anne Rogers and Ian Browne said about Benintendi as a fit for the Cardinals in the article:

Rogers: At first glance, Benintendi jumps out as someone who fits the Cardinals' needs. They're looking for outfield production, and they would love to plug 2018 Benintendi (or even 2019 Benintendi) into their lineup. He's still young, he's relatively low-cost and he still has two years of control, which appeals to the Cardinals. His left-handed bat also fits a need in the Cardinals' lineup, especially if they decide to platoon with some of their other outfielders.

Browne: With the Cardinals, I'd imagine it depends on whether they think Benintendi's $6.6 million salary for 2021 fits in their books. They seem to have a base of young talent they could dip into to make things work.

Rogers: Absolutely. And they very much could let the young talent play another year. Give Lane Thomas another shot, along with Tyler O'Neill. But as bad as their offense has been the past two years, they need an upgrade. If that comes as a platoon outfielder with some of their other young outfielders, that's at least a different look than what we've seen the past two years.

Browne: I also see Benintendi as perfect for St. Louis. He is from the Midwest. That environment would suit him better than Boston. Not sure he likes all the craziness that comes with playing in Boston. He is a shy guy.

Rogers: The Cardinals have the pitching. They're not going to be willing to give up on their top prospects for this trade, but I could see them sending a Majors-ready starter -- Daniel Ponce de Leon comes to mind -- or a reliever if they believe Benintendi can return to his 2018-19 form. They don't have a lot of depth in the second-base department, but they do have outfield prospects. Justin Williams comes to mind, or O'Neill. What they don't want to have happen is another Randy Arozarena or Marcell Ozuna situation -- where they send the player on their way and another team unlocks the talent. That's a big part of this offseason for the Cardinals, too.

Browne: I could see a Majors-ready starter and/or reliever plus a mid-level prospect being enough to get a deal done with the Cardinals.

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