Cincinnati Bengals fans: Advice living with a hardcore fan

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a weekly column from former sports reporter and editor Mike Bass. Bass will be contributing to The Enquirer by offering advice for sports fans, athletes and youth sports parents and coaches through a weekly Q&A. You can reach him at [email protected] or on Twitter @SportsFanCoach1.

If you are a true Cincinnati Bengals fan, you honor your relationship with your team. If you are a wise Bengals fan, you also honor your relationship with your significant other.

“The way I get peace during the games is to do the ironing,” @LordBlakey tweeted.

Keep calm and press on.

“I'm a Bengals fan so, it's been tempting to throw the iron at the TV!” @LordBlakey tweeted. “The Mrs hates ironing. Being in the UK, an early game kicks off here at 6pm. So after dinner the Mrs bath(e)s the kids and puts them to bed, ready for school, then goes to bed to watch a film while I iron. 😉”

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