Too many next years for Ken Riley, Ken Anderson

The Hall of Disappointment came calling again Tuesday for the Kens, Anderson and Riley. No surprise there. Dog bites man.

Both snubs sting the same. The favored reasons are a little thin: They played their entire careers in l’il ol’ Cincinnati (so what?), they weren’t as household as two players at their positions in the same division (Mel Blount and Terry Bradshaw and so what?) and, in Riley’s case, didn’t make enough Pro Bowls.

Um, Kenny Anderson made four Pro Bowls. His peer Terry Bradshaw made three. Tell me again about Pro Bowls.     

We’ve lamented Anderson’s omission at length. Not so much Riley’s. Riley is one of those guys about whom I’d say, “I never knew him, but I wish I had.’’ Modest, giving, gracious. For a decade, the laid-back heart of some very good Bengals teams.

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