Ohio’s teacher workforce doesn’t mirror diversity of K-12 students

Teri’Ana Joyner, 17, is photographed on Monday, August 9, 2021 at Aiken High School. Teri'Ana has been a part of the Miami Teach recruitment program since she was in eighth grade, and wants to pursue a career in education to help bring more diversity into the field of teaching

Heading into her senior year of high school at Cincinnati Public Schools, Teri’Ana Joyner says she can count on both of her hands how many Black teachers she’s seen around.

She's only worked with three.

Maybe that’s why it took the promise of a free ride to Miami University to convince her that teaching was a viable career choice. She says she wouldn’t have come to that decision on her own – no way. 

“I didn’t see myself in my teachers, so I really didn’t want to be a teacher,” the 17-year-old says. “I didn’t want to be something I never saw."

In reality, Teri’Ana’s experience with three Black teachers is more than what many students in Ohio see during their K-12 education.

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