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Sept. 11, 2001. It's a day no American old enough to remember will ever forget. We remember where we were when we first heard or first saw the land we all love being attacked by, of all things, commercial airliners. We remember why they call it terrorism.

In a way of honoring the almost 3,000 people who were sacrificed that day as well as those who worked to save them, The Enquirer is asking that you email us your memories of that day, of when you heard or what you felt or how you responded that terrible Tuesday and for a lot of days that followed. And while each of us could probably write volumes on this, we ask that you keep your remarks to a few things that stood out for you during that time.

We will compile these and publish a story on Sept. 11 that tries to capture the nation's response of that day 20 years ago.

Please email Amy Wilson at [email protected] Please give us your name, your age and the city you live in and put "Sept. 11" in the subject line. Or use this Google doc

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