Cincinnati Children’s doctor develops reading readiness tool young kids

'The Reading House' is a tool pediatricians can use to assess young children's readiness to read. It was developed by a Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center team led by Dr. John Hutton.

Inside "The Reading House" young children will find a colorful page showing a room with lots of toys strewn about. There is a truck, a bear and a duck.

At a time not too long from now, your child's pediatrician might point to the toy truck on the page and ask your 3-year-old, "What else on these pages rhymes with truck?" The doctor will also ask the child to show her the cover of the book, point to alphabet letters, identify where there are words on the pages.

"The Reading House" is both a children's book and a new tool to help pediatricians identify literacy challenges that preschool-age children may have. It's an assessment that takes only about five minutes and could help parents and early childhood educators change your child's life. The book is already available to pediatricians at low cost. (It is not available for families.) 

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