QB Joe Burrow preseason snap count

What would you say is the sports debate of the summer around here, even in the midst of a Reds resurgence? Even on the cusp of a Bearcats football season unlike any other? Even In the jetstream of non-stop Simone Biles?

It is this and only this, and TML will hear no argument:

Should Joe Burrow take any preseason snaps?

When it comes down to it, there is only Joe. He’s the sun, everyone else is just a planet circling his air space.

Hype? Nonsense? Oh, yeah.

Truth? Uh-huh.

It’s possible, when speaking of Saint Joe, to be both truthful and idiotic. Football is a team game, obviously, but without Burrow, this team is instantly doomed to FourWinVille.

The Bengals could find a pass rush and a pair of competent starting guards. Joe Mixon could run for 1,500 yards. It wouldn’t matter. If Burrow’s MIA, the Men are staring down the barrel of 4-12. 

So, should he play some in August, to take some hits? Should the Saint feel the pass rush, in hopes of calming the mental worries?

Not in a million years.

Not only should Burrow stand on the sidelines during games. Not only should an equipment guy be in charge of hiding his helmet. The Bengals should put him in a glass case between practices. Hell, between snaps in 7-on-7.

Honestly, I don’t know why this is even a debate. How much would Burrow play this month if he hadn’t had his knee blown up last fall? A quarter? A series? You mean to tell me eight or 10 snaps in August against guys who’ll be starting their life’s work by the end of the month is going to be a game-changer?

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