Cincinnati Reds roster: Another rebuild is not the answer here

We’ll get to the highly underrated pitching star Wade Miley in a minute. Watching Wade work is like a massage for your baseball soul. First, this. . .

I’m starting to hear that the Reds should cash in the season and start selling off assets, for future considerations. Let the rebuild begin. That’s crazy.

One, they’re 6.5 games behind Milwaukee, and 5 out of the second wild card. Not close, but not done, either. I look at the rest of the schedule and see (relatively) easy: 23 games with the Cubs and Pirates, a vast majority against teams now under .500.

Do the Brewers scare you so much, you wanna white-flag the season with 67 games to play?

More to the point: Did you miss the last Reds attempt at a rebuild? Five years of tanking and now they’re. . . here. With you talking about a rebuild.

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