Tyrod Taylor would’ve been better than Dalton for Bears

The Chicago Bears reportedly pursued a trade with the Seattle Seahawks for starting quarterback Russell Wilson, and landed long-time Cincinnati Bengals starter Andy Dalton with a reported one-year, $10 million deal when it became clear that they couldn't acquire Wilson.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton (14) drops back to pass in the third quarter of a Week 14 NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020, at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. The Dallas Cowboys won, 30-7.

DeAngelo Hall said Tuesday night on NFL Network that he would've rather seen the Bears try to sign Tyrod Taylor, who played last season for the Los Angeles Chargers and agreed to terms Tuesday with the Houston Texans.

"You have to put a lot around Andy Dalton to really make him successful," Hall said. "It's gonna be interesting. This isn't just because of what the Chicago Bears did this offseason. This is a problem that the Chicago Bears have accumulated over the past couple offseasons. When they tried to go out and get Nick Foles, I didn't think that was gonna be a wise decision but hey , they stuck to their guns and they wanted to try to give themselves a chance. ... Now you put all your hope in Andy Dalton to hope he can get it done. ... Is Andy Dalton an upgrade over Mitch Trubisky? If that's the conversation we're having - if it's even close - I don't think it saves these two guys' jobs. And the two guys I'm talking about is Matt Nagy, the head coach, and Ryan Pace, the general manager. Both of these guys are gonna be on the hot seat. This decision right here that they made - it might seal their fate in Chicago. ... Tyrod Taylor is the kind of guy that I would've loved to see in Chicago. He's a different type of quarterback I feel like that can protect the football, that can make plays with his legs. ... I think he would've been - like I said in Chicago - a much better upgrade over Andy Dalton."

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