The correct way to pronounce Reds outfielder Tyler Naquin’s name

Joey Votto dropped the secret so casually that nobody believed him.

Speaking in a Zoom press conference in the second week of the season, Votto mentioned outfielder Tyler Naquin in one of his answers, but he used a different pronunciation of Naquin’s last name.

“Tyler ‘knock-ann,’” Votto said. “I said that right, ‘knock-ann.’ Are you sure it’s ‘nay-quinn?’ I think it’s ‘knock-ann.’ I think it’s ‘knock-ann,’ if you ask him. It’s French, if I’m not mistaken. You can laugh all you want, but I think it’s ‘knock-ann.’ It’s French. I speak French. It’s ‘knock-ann.’”

Cincinnati Reds center fielder Tyler Naquin (12) rounds the bases after hitting a solo home run during the fifth inning of a baseball game against the Chicago Cubs, Saturday, July 3, 2021, at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati.

Naquin was new to the Reds, but it’s not like he was a guy who was new to the Major Leagues. He played five seasons with Cleveland and finished third in the American League Rookie of the Year voting in 2016.

Rob Butcher, the Reds’ media relations director, thought Votto was playing a joke. He approached Naquin afterward and asked him about it. Naquin said it was indeed the correct way to pronounce it, but he asked broadcasts to continue saying it as “nay-quinn” as they have throughout his career.

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