NIL laws Ohio: How the hell is this going to work?

A reprise of The Afternoon Line today, Mobsters. I wrote a column this AM that’s available online now, about the Club playing 34 games in 35 days. This better late than never AL is a bit thin, but present and accounted for.        

‘THERE’S A SENSE OF, ‘HOW THE HELL IS THIS GOING TO WORK’?’’ was the apt reaction from UConn basketball coach Danny Ferry to Yahoo! Sports re the new NIL laws expected to be adopted by several states by July 1.

That’s Name Image Likeness for you fans of pro sports.

“What exactly is going to happen? Am I going to drive by a car dealership seeing one of the players do a signing? What is going on here?” Hurley said.

Beats me. Sounds like another seat-of-pants exercise in keeping the NCAA relevant. So. . .

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