A white supremacist group graffitied NKU’s campus for second tim

Update 5:15: Northern Kentucky University released the following statement denouncing the vandalism carried out by a white supremacist group. 

“NKU will not tolerate the white supremacy graffiti defacing our campus today or any day.  This latest act of vandalism is contrary to our core values and our commitment to fostering a more equitable, inclusive environment in which everyone is valued and free from discrimination of any kind. We will fully investigate these acts through the university’s Bias Response Protocol Team and immediately evaluate and refortify the security of our public spaces to better protect our residents and the campus community. This includes increasing University Police nightly patrols."

After a white supremacist group graffitied the Housing Rock on Northern Kentucky University's campus in January, a student group painted a mural on the rock celebrating students of color. On Saturday morning, NKU students woke up to see Xs had been drawn over the Black faces on the mural. 

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