Trading cards won’t be sold in stores, indefinitely

Happy Thursday. Doc's on vacation, back soon. As trading cards have become more popular and valuable in recent years (and even moreso in recent months), it's become more difficult for young collectors to find and afford them. They're expensive on eBay and elsewhere online. That box of cards that costs $20 at Target or Walmart might cost hundreds at your local card shop.

People figured out they could flip boxes (often times they wouldn't even open them) for a significant profit. So they predictably camped out in the card aisle, figured out the days and times vendors would deliver the cards so they could buy them up. Target countered by posting signs indicating that each customer could only buy three items per day or three items at a time, depending on the store. (You could still clear the entire shelf into your shopping carts at a lot of Walmarts or Meijers though, and people often did. I've seen that happen.)

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