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Donald Trump’s assault on mental health

President Trump called Speaker Nancy Pelosi a “sick woman” with “a lot of mental problems” after she criticized his usage of hydroxychloroquine. Chris Cillizza explains how Trump has a pattern of using mental health and mental illness to mock and denigrate his enemies.

This may be Donald Trump's most damaging legacy

Trump says he is taking hydroxychloroquine though health experts question its effectiveness

Trump calls Pelosi a 'sick woman' after her remarks on his weight

Trump says Biden 'not mentally sharp enough' to be POTUS: 'He doesn't know he's alive'

Trump brings up Clinton's health, questions if she's 'loyal' to Bill (source)

Donald Trump: Ted Cruz is 'unstable'

President Trump Calls Bette Midler a 'Washed Up Psycho' After She Shared a Fake Quote

Donald Trump Calls Sen. Lindsey Graham a ‘Nut Job’ While in South Carolina

Suicide rates among America's young people continue to soar, study shows

The coronavirus pandemic's impact on global mental health is "already extremely concerning," UN says

Mental Health By the Numbers

A Lot of Americans Are More Anxious Than They Were Last Year, a New Poll Says

Trump says US should build more mental health institutions to combat gun violence

Mental health issues increased significantly in young adults over last decade. Shift may be due in part to rise of digital media, study suggests

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