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New York Giants vs Cincinnati Bengals 1985 1st Half Week 6

The Bengals defense comes up with two turnovers that gives them a big lead. Good pregame show from the NFL Today with Jimmy the Greek's predictions.


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  1. Sad that Phyllis George (RIP) would not come back to The NFL Today after the 1984 season. I wish she stayed and not replace Diane Sawyer on the CBS Morning News. After 1985, she would do some broadcasting and never return to sports and The NFL Today.

    We’ll miss you, Phyllis ❤️

  2. A current day NFL Today matchup between Boomer Esiason of the Bengals and Phil Simms of the Giants.

    23:50 Boomer Esiason to Cris Collinsworth. One gets along with Al Michaels and the other doesn’t.

  3. Brent Musburger and Bob Costas are the best sports host of All Time. As straight forward as CBS was in the Corporate '80's, it was amazing that Brent got off the NFL slate, College Footbal, and 5 STRONG mins talking San Francisco Giants, their stadium situation, piggybacking from the 49ers and Bears clash later, and then Whitey Herzog and Tommy Lasorda all in the first segment of the hard core NFL Today. The only other professional I believe could do that as effortless as Brent would be Bob Costas. I remember this episode and I felt back then, CBS was above NBCs coverage and studio show, and this episode showed The NFL Today was on another level.

    I liked John Brodies stint at NBC with Curt Howdy and then Don Criqui. They did some of the biggest and best games of the 80's and it was a surprise seeing him in New York at the Tiffany Network. I wonder what happened at NBC.

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