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The Cincinnati Bengals Are Better Then You Think | NFL

The Cincinnati Bengals Are Better Then You Think | NFL

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  1. Lmao 5-11 they are who we think they are Joe isn't going to like Cincinnati and will leave there in two or three seasons he isn't staying long.

  2. Speak it brother. We didn't see eye to eye on your mock draft on that second pick.. For clarification I wasn't saying that the offensive line didn't need adresses.. just not as much as LB. But what you said about the o-line in this video is 100% correct. We don't need it to be elite. It needs to just be better. Joe Mixon still ran for over 1000 yards behind them. 100% agree. I think we can get between 7-9 wins this year. Anymore should be viewed as a plus. Subscribed and like. Keep it 100

  3. As a Bengals fan. I can't believe I'm saying this to a Steelers fan, but thank you. You are right about my Bengals….especially about Boyd….that guy is the man….Green , Higgins, Boyd, Ross… Burrow….yeah….we scorin'….I hooked you up with the like and sub !!

  4. Give this man props. He is a Steelers fan and knows more about my Bengals team than 95% of Bengals fans! Bengals are coming! You forgot about Bynes from the Ravens at LB which is gonna be huge for us. Burrow throws better while on the run which is insane. Dont forget that like 5 games last year the Bengals almost won. 2-14 is very misleading.

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