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Midwesterners Are Obsessed With This Chili Chain

Skyline Chili is to Cincinnati, Ohio what In-N-Out is to California. Midwesterners love how the chili chain puts mountains of chili and cheese on everything. Their signature dish is called a "5-Way" for its spaghetti base, topped with beans, chili, onions, and loads of cheese.

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  1. As a europeon this food looks disgusting, like how you mfs still alive. Like your eating just cheese, not even melted cheese.

  2. That chili looks terrible. Brown watery diarrhea. Can anyone attest to this? I read it's sweet looks nasty
    …cheese looks edible

  3. I'm Midwestern but that is the most horrible chili I ever ate. Why do you think they have to smother it? Truly gastly.?

  4. Looks good.. but I live in the Midwest, and I’ve never heard of this place. Must be an Ohio thing.

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