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Judge expected to rule in Cincinnati homeless case on Monday

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The fight between Cincinnati's homeless and the court will likely resume on Monday when a judge is expected to make a ruling on the latest move to ban homeless camps in all of Hamilton County.

The current camp in Over-The-Rhine has been home for almost two weeks. The latest motion to remove them comes after reports of drug use and public urination at the camp.

Within the past few weeks, a large number of Cincinnati's homeless have moved from one spot to the next after multiple court orders. From being banned on public property to the threat of removal from private property, the community waits for the next ruling.

"Not only are they trying to make it impossible for people to survive, but they're trying to tell each of us what we can do in our own spaces," Josh Spring of the homeless coalition said.

Last week, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters told 700 WLW's Bill Cunningham that he'd let the group at 13th and Republic Streets stay throughout the weekend.

"The Mayor (Cincinnati's John Cranley) asked me to give him a couple more days," Deters said. "I don't have a problem with that if they are actively trying to relocate these people on 13th and Republic. I don't have a problem with them but I don't make that call. The call is made by Judge Robert Ruhleman."

While the number of homeless camping out in the city has decreased, there are some who refuse to go to one of the man shelters in the city.

"I would never go to a shelter," Loa, a woman living at 13th and Republic, said. "That's where the insects, the body bugs and the people that really don't have the capacity to fend for themselves are. So they're really messed up emotionally and physically. The food, I wouldn't feed to a rat."

The previous ban was for public property in the county. The land at 13th and Republic is private but Deters says that it is a public nuisance that doesn't matter whether it's on public or private land.


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  1. I was homeless for 2 years while working at labor works until i got hired on. Now i got my own apartment. Whats your story besides being a lazy bum. If you can't help yourself then what makes you think the city is going to help? If i can make it. So can you

  2. See ! Just like the last comment. Most if not 90 percent of homeless are just lazy, entitled etc. I was homeless, I got back on my feet. It's about working and the willing to work for a living. There's no entitlement check coming your way, so either suffer living homeless, or just forge ahead and work for a living ! Your choice. This country owes you nothing ! You owe yourself ! If your less than that, well good luck living in the rough! Congratulations, you became a pioneer ! Just please stop shitting on my sidewalk. It's a sidewalk, not a public toilet !……

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