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Chad Johnson is optimistic about Joe Burrow's potential with the Bengals | First Take

Chad Johnson joins First Take and discusses the potential success that former LSU Tigers QB Joe Burrow could have with the Cincinnati Bengals.
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  1. Im surprised Chad Johnson is back after that hold debacle a few years ago. Stephan A was pretty ticked off

  2. Media: Bengals have cheap ownership and stale culture
    Bengals: spend over 100 mil in FA, bring in a new HC, and draft Ohio native QB
    Media: They made poor decisions in FA, the team is toxic, they will ruin Burrow

    You can’t change these people’s minds ever ? they’ll never admit their wrong on national tv, it will ruin their rep

  3. I agree with Stephen A, there's excuse for not winning a single playoff game since the early 90s. Considering all the talent they have had and the winning seasons they've been able to put together.

  4. Does SAS know the bengals spent 160mil in FA this year? The change he’s asking for from ownership has already started how can he not acknowledge this?

  5. Stephen A: Bengals haven’t done anything to prove there has been a change of culture and they’re not cheap… In the past year they got a new coach and spent hundreds of millions of dollars in free agency. Tf is he taking about

  6. Lmao I love the logic people have for the bengals not drafting burrow, “he shouldn’t have to go there, they’re bad” uhhh that’s how the draft works?

  7. Omg Joe Burrow only had one good season. He's not the next Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. It's too early.

  8. can't wait to see SAS eat his words. he better not ever start praising them. I don't want him on the bandwagon any time in the future.

  9. max don't make any sense does he even care about sport? i think you should know the basic to be on a daily sports debate show.

  10. Time will tell if the Bengals will actually surround Burrow with the pieces to succeed long-term or if he will waste his career on em like Palmer.

  11. that so called cheap ownership just spent 153 million on outside free agents but the culture hasn't changed Come on Steven Smith

  12. The Bengals just spent over $100M in free agency which has been out of character for them, straight ignorance is all I heard. They're trying to be better and build a winning organization around Joe Burrow.

  13. I know it's just Max Kellerman but can you let them finish speaking before you cut the man off.. almost every video that happened

  14. Jesus the white welfare to push Burrow is deep. All this talk won't mean anything in the long run. He has to perform, and putting all this hype behind a guy who took 5 years to accomplish what he did looks like white hero hype desperation.

  15. Burrow will most definitely be a bust n it’s not because of the bengals. It’s because he couldn’t beat out the redskins qb who has question marks ? he was only 22-23 before he could beat out 18-19 yr olds ??‍♂️ the media pushed this bust

  16. Stephen A Smith is so one-sided how about the Bengals spending over a hundred and sixty million in free agency this year but you keep saying they are cheap yeah my brown doesn't have the best pass track record but to his credit he did spend this offseason

  17. When you know Stephen A is a steelers fan you automatically skip his section when anything comes out his mouth concerning the Bengals

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