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Bengals to Release Andy Dalton | CBS Sports HQ

The Bengals will release quarterback Andy Dalton, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Thursday morning. Dalton, the team's starting quarterback since 2011, asked for his release, according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

Dalton expressed frustration after the Bengals didn't trade him before last year's deadline. Dalton had been benched in favor of rookie Ryan Finley eight games into the season. Five months later, Dalton had come to grips with the fact that he may be back in Cincinnati for the 2020 season, despite the fact that the Bengals selected former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick.

"I truly believe they want what's best for me, but I understand it's a business, and you know how that goes," Dalton told's Michael Silver earlier this month. "With the first pick, if they take a quarterback like everyone expects, that could trigger something. There's even a scenario where I go back there."


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  1. The NFL players Association need to negotiate a way to where if they're going to release they need to do it at a certain time that they don't they have to pay a heavy tax price because this is getting ridiculous

  2. His contract is why he didn't get traded. Just makes too much money to be a backup or bridge QB. Didn't help everyone knew he was gone. Don't see how that reflects badly on the Bengals.

  3. Bengals tried to trade Dalton but nobody wanted to pay is $17mil salary and give up a draft pick for him. You really don't understand why they didn't try to get something for him? They did, it's just that nobody bit. Cincy waited a few days after the draft to see if they could get something for him from a team that didn't get the QB they wanted and when nobody was interested, they cut him loose to save $17mil in cap space. I had to stop watching this 4mins in. These guys sux at their job.

  4. The Bengals are a mess, I feel so bad for Joe Burrow….ever since the hard knocks when you hear how ownership talks it's obvious they do not care about improving, let alone winning.
    Marvin Lewis won in spite of ownership, not because.

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