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Whatever Happened to Jan Smithers – Bailey Quarters from WKRP in Cincinnati

Here's my update on Jan Smithers, the actress who played shy but sexy Bailey Quarters on the classic TV sit-com WKRP in Cincinnati.
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  1. I loved Jans Baily best! I had the pleasure and honor to say that "Where the Liliys Bloom" was filmed in and around my hometown and know her stand-in. Please, I'm not trying to brag. Just stating how fortunate I am.

  2. Proof positive there no accounting for taste. If the female positions were reversed in the photo 2 minutes into this video I might have made the effort to watch this show in syndication.

  3. Dave please consider a few ideas – ?KISS?,Evel Knievel & 70's toys. Keep up the good work?@ 52 this channel?brings back GREAT memories❤️ thanks bro

  4. Jan Smithers' performance as Bailey Quarters was first rate about which there was nothing phony. No need to be flashy with her. She played a very reserved but intelligent and brainy woman of which we all need MORE!! On the other hand, Loni Anderson was/is a complete show-off and felt/feels the need to distract others with her looks. It's all for show with Ms. Anderson. In fact, she is perhaps the typical, prototypical and stereotypical blonde show-off and phony. I loathe and despise Loni Anderson for this lack of modesty. She looks like the kind of woman most married men would cheat on their wives with. :( :(

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