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Whatever Happened to Jan Smithers – Bailey Quarters from WKRP in Cincinnati

Here's my update on Jan Smithers, the actress who played shy but sexy Bailey Quarters on the classic TV sit-com WKRP in Cincinnati.
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  1. I don't do yogurt (yoga) but I do medication (meditation) everyday. And does this guy do the best Casey Kasem imitation you ever heard?!

  2. I loved Jans Baily best! I had the pleasure and honor to say that "Where the Liliys Bloom" was filmed in and around my hometown and know her stand-in. Please, I'm not trying to brag. Just stating how fortunate I am.

  3. Proof positive there no accounting for taste. If the female positions were reversed in the photo 2 minutes into this video I might have made the effort to watch this show in syndication.

  4. Well Loni still looks beautiful. Jan? Sad what time does to former beauties. Especially the ones who don’t care about it.

  5. Jan Smithers' performance as Bailey Quarters was first rate about which there was nothing phony. No need to be flashy with her. She played a very reserved but intelligent and brainy woman of which we all need MORE!! On the other hand, Loni Anderson was/is a complete show-off and felt/feels the need to distract others with her looks. It's all for show with Ms. Anderson. In fact, she is perhaps the typical, prototypical and stereotypical blonde show-off and phony. I loathe and despise Loni Anderson for this lack of modesty. She looks like the kind of woman most married men would cheat on their wives with. :( :(

  6. It's like Mary Ann or Ginger. From a little kid in the '60s I was always a Mary Ann guy. WKRP? Bailey Quarters hands down.

  7. Jan Smithers just got better and better looking thru her last role in 1987.

    Whenever Jan was on the screen in WKRP, I didn't even see Loni.

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