VALORANT Gameplay Trailer (2020)

VALORANT Gameplay Trailer (2020)
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  1. Thumbs down DO NOT INSTALL until they remove the rootkit this game places onto your system, giving Tencent (A Chinese company) access to your entire computer.

  2. to be honest, it looks just… kinda bad – gave me a chinese mobile rip-off shooter feel by the first glance. I had no idea this was made by riot… lol

  3. Is this game that popular?? Looks terrible and extremely boring…
    Did the dev's pay popular streamers to play this or am i missing something?
    Game does not look fun at all and looks extremely annoying.

  4. spits drink why r ppl so hyped trash game like who else came here to see the game just by hearing other ppl . This game will just last for a week then noone will play

  5. I genuinely like this! The gunplay of CS, abilities of Overwatch, the aesthetic is somewhat like Overwatch as well.

    I'm gonna keep my eye on this thing

  6. ayo ? if you keep uploading you'll most definatly get more subs very quickly! also checkout my newest vid and let me know if its good cheers bro! ?

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