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Restaurant L, Cincinnati – October 2019

Road Trip to Cincinnati for dining at Restaurant L

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  1. Girl the food looked nice in general…but I even realized I was like holy cow that is a ton of food….but the dessert I would've gone just for that lol…..its nice to hear the husband talk more this time too ☺

  2. The food looked amazing. Not knowing what a tasting is, I had to look up what it was because I thought the portions looked great and that you were just eating a lot of meals. Now that I know what a tasting actually is, they over did it because in the end you got full and couldn't try everything. I get it now. At any rate, watching the video made me hungry.

  3. That amaretto cake sounds delic!! I will be in cinncinnati tomorrow for work but this place looks too rich for my blood!!

  4. The food looked so artistic. The food just kept coming???? just as well they were small portions. I couldn’t eat that much either.

  5. You look lovely on your dress ? such a fancy restaurant ! My husband and I should do something like this not with our kids to enjoy our meals just the 2 of us and really savor every bite! Glad you had a quality time with your husband! Looks like a 3 Michelin star ? restaurant !

  6. love watching your restaurant reviews , but every time after, I had to go get something to eat and I should not, it is late here lol. So dishes look odd lol Except dessert lol love that. Great review darling, thank you for sharing it!

  7. That's a bit of a drive for me, but if I'm ever that way for the Zoo or something I will hopefully remember to check them out.

  8. you would think for a tasting menu the dishes would be small….I would be full after just a few courses.

  9. That first dish they gave y’all I’m like……where’s the rest of it????? Lol looked good though!

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