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Restaurant L, Cincinnati – October 2019

Road Trip to Cincinnati for dining at Restaurant L

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  1. Girl the food looked nice in general…but I even realized I was like holy cow that is a ton of food….but the dessert I would've gone just for that lol…..its nice to hear the husband talk more this time too ☺

  2. The food looked amazing. Not knowing what a tasting is, I had to look up what it was because I thought the portions looked great and that you were just eating a lot of meals. Now that I know what a tasting actually is, they over did it because in the end you got full and couldn't try everything. I get it now. At any rate, watching the video made me hungry.

  3. You look lovely on your dress ? such a fancy restaurant ! My husband and I should do something like this not with our kids to enjoy our meals just the 2 of us and really savor every bite! Glad you had a quality time with your husband! Looks like a 3 Michelin star ? restaurant !

  4. love watching your restaurant reviews , but every time after, I had to go get something to eat and I should not, it is late here lol. So dishes look odd lol Except dessert lol love that. Great review darling, thank you for sharing it!

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