Marvel's Spider-Man & Marvels Avengers Video Game News & Details

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  1. I hope Marvel games will step up their game with video games! Spiderman PS4 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order are the right direction but they still have a long way to go to compare with DC games…. (the Avangers game looks pretty…. UNDERWHELMING ?, they need to show more/better gameplay!)

  2. All people want games for is for live online now. Because all the most popular games are that. For me the story mode is not as thoughtful anymore. I'm a story mode kind of person. Anybody who's a story mode person can tell you games are crap now for us. I'd rather play the original Xbox and PS2. I still play halo 1 and halo 2 just because they are the 2 best halo games. When online live service for consoles was an experiment just starting our and story mode was the priority.

  3. To my knowledge; live service means that you have to use the internet and need to be online non stop to play the game. From what I understand, you can play Avengers offline (in terms of singleplayer campaign and the like), which would indicate that you don't need the internet to play the game.

  4. Mitch is the most annoying person to listen to. He doesn't understand the concept that preferences are subjective. He's that type of guy who always has to have the last word on a subject and tell you why your opinion is invalid compared to his superior thinking.
    Does anyone even like this guy?

  5. Bruh they was trippin about spider man,, That game was simply fantastic. The game was worked on hard and you can see it show, I respect their opinion but I strongly disagree

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