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Ohio on Day 1 of coronavirus pandemic lockdown

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Local law enforcement is working to make sure the new pandemic restrictions are enforced.

All non-essential businesses should now be shut down in Ohio. Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil said his deputies will work to enforce that this happens.

“If businesses continue to operate after being verbally warned, the owners can be cited with a misdemeanor of the second degree,” said Neil.

Hamilton County will practice common-sense enforcement. Trooper Sheldon Goodrum said the Ohio State Highway Patrol will do the same.

“We will not be arbitrarily pulling people over for the sole purpose of finding out whether or not they are in compliance of the stay at home order,” said Goodrum.

Law enforcement will assume people are running essential errands.

Drivers were out on the roads Tuesday. The Ohio State Highway Patrol said that is allowed in certain situations.

“If you’re traveling from one part of Ohio to another or trying to get back home or visit family, then, of course, you’re free to do that,” said Goodrum.

In Harveysburg, a small village in Warren County, Alexander Ivie is practicing social distancing.

"Today, we’re kind of just working outside. Just doing our own thing,” said Ivie.

While he said it is always somewhat quiet, Day 1 of the stay at home order was a little different.

“It has definitely slowed down around town. There is usually people walking, kids playing around and everything,” said Ivie.

Harveysburg Chief of Police Richard Pottenger said Day 1 has gone smoothly in town. He is not too worried about his residents not following the state’s restrictions.

“The biggest thing is don’t panic. It’s something we can get through. Don’t panic, stay at home and do what you’re instructed to do and we’ll all get through this,” said Pottenger.

The stay at home order is in effect until April 6.


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