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Bengals fan remains on his restaurant's roof for at least one more week, maybe longer

MILAN, Ind. (WKRC) - Jeff Lanham has been living on the roof of his restaurant for two weeks and it doesn’t look like he’s coming down anytime soon.

Lanham, who owns the Hog Rock Café in Milan, vowed to stay on the roof until the Bengals win a game, and after seven straight losses, he’s preparing for a cold winter.

“I don’t think they have much chance of winning, but I haven’t lost any hope in them,” Lanham said. “I’m disappointed in the ownership. I think the ownership needs to hold everyone to a higher standard.”

After realizing he could be there for a while, Lanham made some changes, like adding a new bed.

"Before I was sleeping in an air mattress and the air inside the mattress would get cold,” he said. “Now I’m up off the ground and sleeping level.”

But the cold weather is coming.

“I’m definitely worried about that and the storms that could be coming through today,” Lanham said. “I heard they’re supposed to be bad.”

Possibly the worst part is that Lanham is a season ticket holder and now has to miss the home games.

“It was kind of sad yesterday morning watching everybody leave on the bus to go down there,” Lanham said. “I never thought something like this would happen but I’m ready to stand up and do what I need to stay here and last as long as possible.”

If the Bengals don’t win a game this year, he has a game plan.

“If they go 0 and 16 – I hope they don’t – I’ll come down and when the season starts back up again I’ll go back up.”


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