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Unboxing this cool random evolving toy

The biggest toy trends are folded up inside Rizmo, an evolving robot pet from space that feeds off music. Join Bridget on her bizarre quest to level-up Rizmo and see what he evolves into.

Toy company Tomy gave us an early chance to check out its newest creation — a “Rhythm Monster” that changes form the more kids play and sing. Rizmo comes in three main colors: Berry, Aqua and Snow — but the final form details and musical personality are a mystery reveal.

This transforming toy has touches of Furby, Hatchimals, and Tamagotchi, encouraging kids to keep playing with it in different ways over time as it grows up. Does Rizmohave what it takes to be the hot toy of 2019?

Rizmo retails for $59.99 is on sale internationally starting September 14.

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