Winter is the perfect time to plant grass seed. But timing is key

Dormant seeding is one way to get your grass seed down without exerting backbreaking effort or the need for special machinery, like this seeder.

I could be described as a traditionalist. I value and respect the lessons and advice passed on to me from previous generations. I trust this advice because it will have had many years of success to validate the lessons. A great example would be the planting of grass seed at this time of the year. This is commonly called "winter seeding" or "dormant seeding." It is considered to be the easiest way to plant grass seed.

The greatest advantage to doing this is that there is little soil preparation required. When you plant grass seed during the growing season, you need to prepare the soil by loosening it ahead of the seeding so that the seed can settle into the soil just below the surface. Loosening the soil requires a bit of hard raking, which can be done by hand or with machines from a tool rental.

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