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Cincinnati Wing Week 2022: Everything you need to know to

Flats or drums? Sauce or dry rub? Buffalo or BBQ? Well, you can take your pick or have them all during Cincinnati Wing Week. Running from Aug. 22 to Aug. 28, the annual event is celebrating its second year of serving up some tasty wings. Similar to Cincinnati Burger Week, there are $7 wing deals at a variety of restaurants all week long. "Each participating Cincinnati Wing Week restaurant will fry up their own take on the wing — from signature sauces to secret menu specialties and more," the event's website says. Almost 50 restaurants are participating in the event, and the wing specials range from your traditional buffalo wings to more creative takes on the American classic. Some of the restaurants offering $7 deals include Bandito, Incline Smoke Shack, Lucius Q, The Hi-Mark, Oakley Pub & Grill, Quan Hapa and many more. While most restaurants are offering normal wing deals where you get a serving of flats and drums, a few eateries are offering some wing-related challenges. At Arnold's Bar & Grill, located at 210 E 8th St., you can decide to dive into "The Wings of Death." For an extra $3 — so the entire deal is $10 — this Cincinnati Wing Week limited special takes Arnold's traditional hot sauces and cranks them up 10 notches by adding three more excruciatingly spicy hot sauces, which were all featured on season one of "Hot Ones." On top of the usual spiciness, you'll also get to indulge in Blair's Megadeath with Liquid Rage, Mad Dog 357 and Da Bomb: Beyond Insanity. But Arnold's isn't done there. After the sauce concoction, they also blend and throw in some ghost peppers, Carolina reapers, scorpion peppers, lemon drop peppers and more. The experience — which is not for the faint of heart — is then completed with a light dusting of dried Carolina reaper powder. The Wings of Death challenge can be enjoyed with vinyl gloves on request, but even then it comes with its own disclaimer."If you do not enjoy extremely spicy food, you should not eat this. If you do enjoy eating extremely spicy food and you think 'this is not that hot' your taste buds are most likely dead and we can't do anything for you. Either way, no refunds," the disclaimer reads. Other than Arnold's walk on the wild side, Kitchen 1883 at the On The Rhine Eatery, located at 100 E Court St., is also upping the stakes of Cincinnati Wing Week. With its "Set your a** on fire challenge," those that dare can attempt to finish their wings within 10 minutes or less. Seems easy, right? Well, then you also can't take a drink for five minutes after you finish your last wing. For those that complete the challenge, you'll receive a Kroger gift card. Maybe you can use it to finally go buy a drink? Other than the various deals and challenges, those participating in Cincinnati Wing Week can download the event's app to track their wing journey, earn points and possibly win prizes. You can download the app via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Click here to learn more about each restaurant's specific deals, and check out the map below so you can plan out your wing week stops. RELATEDGot a craving for chicken wings? These eateries make 'em just right

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