Johnny Bench shares video from his tour of Cincinnati in 1980s

APRIL 20, 1984: Former Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench waves to the crowds lining the parade route in downtown Cincinnati Monday before the opening game of the baseball season. Bench, who retired last year, was marshal for the parade.

National Baseball Hall of Famer and former Cincinnati Reds and Big Red Machine great Johnny Bench turned 74 on Tuesday, and he shared a video via Twitter that Greater Cincinnati residents past and present as well as Bench fans are sure to enjoy and appreciate.

Set up by a brief introduction from Bryant Gumbel, Bench shows off Mount Adams, has an entertaining back-and-forth with Mama Pia and visits Fountain Square, Music Hall and the Cincinnati Zoo - playing with a Bengal tiger. A few bars that no longer exist or go by different names are shown, and Bench endorses the Blind Lemon and the Precinct, which have survived.

And he eats a 5 Way at Skyline Chili, of course.

From Bench via Twitter:

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