Le Bar a Boeuf in East Walnut Hills offers a rich dish of the week

The beef tenderloin with  potatoes dauphinois at Le Bar a Boeuf.

On a recent Friday night, Le Bar a Boeuf was packed with customers who lingered between tables, greeting old friends and eating some of the finest food in town. The fireplace was roaring, the wine was flowing, and everyone's spirits were high.

If you haven’t been to Le Bar a Boeuf for a while, I encourage you to do so. Since the shuttering of Jean-Robert’s Table last year, chef Jean-Robert de Cavel has focused all of his efforts on the restaurant, which opened in 2015 inside the Edgecliff condo building in East Walnut Hills. And for those who still miss Table, there are several dishes from that restaurant on the menu. 

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