Predicting the Week 12 NFL game

I went on an extended riff in This Space Tuesday about the food and drink choices on Thanksgiving and my overwhelming desire to do nothing. What I didn’t mention is the gratitude I have for the day, and how it grows as I age.

A very good thing about being on the edge of Social Security is the acute and deepening awareness that this great life can always end. Take it from the actuaries. From that clarity rises a richer mindfulness about things we take for granted. Essential things. Everything from a log in the fireplace to a turkey on the table. Mostly, the presence of family to make it all matter.

As the years pass, the table gets smaller. Thursday, our Thanksgiving “family’’ will consist of my wife, my father in law and me. It’s the in-laws year to feast with Jillian and Ryan; Kelly and his new bride will be at their home in Brooklyn. Our siblings are far away, mine in Florida and Maryland, Kerry’s in Maryland. 

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