Google searches show popular Thanksgiving dishes in every state

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Are you a pecan pie fan? What about mashed potatoes or stuffing? 

Depending on your pick, you might not be alone in your state or across the country. Google shared a list of uniquely searched Thanksgiving 2021 casseroles by state with USA TODAY.  

The map shows dishes that were over-represented in a state compared to the country as a whole. It includes searches from Nov. 11 to Nov. 16, as Americans from coast to coast prepped for their Thanksgiving meals.  

“Thanksgiving is a holiday of national food traditions, so there is a lot of consistency in search interest for Thanksgiving dishes. But, search interest for casseroles this year reveals regional trends in our Thanksgiving tastes, plus a few surprises,” Lorrie Guess, a Google data strategist, said in a statement to USA TODAY.  

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