How Cincinnati Bengals are preparing for a playoff push

Coming off their bye week, the Cincinnati Bengals are about to embark on an eight-game stretch that will answer almost any questions one might have on the state of the franchise.

In a year where there’s not much disparity amongst teams in the AFC, the Bengals have a runway to make their first postseason appearance since 2015. Only five other teams (Bills, Patriots, Titans, Chiefs and Ravens) have more wins than Cincinnati. Five other teams (Colts, Broncos, Raiders, Chargers and Steelers) all sit where the Bengals do with five wins. Seven of the Bengals’ final eight games are against AFC teams and this is important to note because not only does overall record matter when it comes to postseason rankings, but head-to-head records also matter. Meaning, if the Bengals end up with the same record as one of the teams mentioned above and beat that team, they own the tiebreaker.

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