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Baby Aardvark Learning to Eat Solid Food – Cincinnati Zoo

Winsol is 2-months-old and beginning to try out solid foods. Aardvark cubs grow up very quickly. At three months they are weaned and at six months they are ready to leave their mothers. At 2 years old, both female and males are sexually mature.





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  1. Baby Winsol has a good appetite! The Aardvark looks so strange, especially when you don't see this kind of animal regularly. Cute, but different. Learning after each posting from the Cincinnati Zoo. Thank you?

  2. Winsol is so cute …Aardvarks are very different and this is first time I had ever seen an aardvark eating food from another person. Winsol is getting so big too. I enjoy your videos so much. Hugs and more Hugs to Winsol AND to FIONA!!!!!!

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